3D-1 Bundle For ProShow Producer v5+


6 Different Effects

Drop Swing, $2.95

The image drops down and swings to the side while the next image swings into view. Rotates left or right as well as into or out of the screen. Full screen images. 2 Landscape Images

Edge-On By, $2.65

The image rotates to edge-on while the next rotates into view from edge-on to face-on. Rotate is either left or right. Full screen. 2 Landscape Images

2 Pair Around, $3.25

Two portraits swing around the screen center until edge-on as two others rotate into view from edge-on Rotation is either to the left or right. 2 Portrait  Images

2 Pair Swing, $4.45

Two portraits swing together off the screen from either screen side while the next two swing onto the screen from the same side. Rotate on either side. Rotate into or out of the screen. 2 Landscape Images

Flip ‘Em, $2.95

Two portraits flip up or flip down edge-on. Two other portraits that flip into view as the others flip out of view. Select flip up or flip down. 2 Portrait  Images

Flipping By, $5.90
(2 Styles: CW & CCW)

4 image carousel. The images flip and rotate during the change to the next image. There are two separate carousels, one rotates to the left, the other to the right. 4 Landscape or 4 Portrait Images.

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  $15.40 USD