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3D-1 Bundle For ProShow Producer v5+

  $23.10  USD

20 Different Effects

Folds, $9.60

Folds & Blinds, $18.20

Blinds, $11.20

Blinds & Ring Around, $14.70

Ring Around, $5.60

Folds & Ring Around, $13.30

Folds (8)

Blinds (8)

Ring Around (4)


Folding Down 4

Folding Down 6

Folding In 2

Folding in 3

Folding Out 2

Folding Out 3

Folding Up 4

Folding Up 6

Blinds Swap Horizontal

Blinds Swap Vertical

BottomUp Row-Flips

BottomUp U-flips

CenterOut Row-Flips

CenterOut U-Flips

TopDown Row-Flips

TopDown U-Flips

Around the Horizontal

Around the Vertical

Mixed Rings

Inside Swap

Folds "fold" 1 image using ProShow's Tilt feature. The fold may appear to move into or out of the screen. Blinds are horizontal or vertical bars or "U" shaped bars that swap 1 part of the screen for another switching from 1 slide to the next. Rings Around flip sections (that look kind of like rings) around the central axis of the screen to swap from 1 slide to the next.

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