Carousels I Bundle For Producer v4+

8 Different Effects

  $12.00 USD

2x2 Landscape by 2

4 Images are Displayed in 2 rows of 2 images. 2 Catty Corner images rotate and flip to reveal 2 new images beneath them and 2 new images when they settle. 8 Landscape Images

Carousel 3 Portrait

The image rotates to edge-on while the next rotates into view from edge-on to face-on. Rotate is either left or right. Full screen. 2 Portrait Images

Carousel 5 Landscape Full

5 landscape images are displayed. 2 thumbnail images on each side of a larger central image. Each of the thumbnail images is displayed as the larger central image as all images rotate around the screen counterclockwise. 5 Landscape Images

Carousel 5 Landscape Simple

This is used to either extend Carousel 5 Landscape Full by one or more images at a time, or to create a carousel of any length. This carousel has only 1 rotation. As an image flips just before becoming the large central image, it is replaced with a new image. 5 Landscape Images

Carousel 5 Portrait

Two portraits flip up or flip down edge-on. Two other portraits that flip into view as the others flip out of view. Select flip up or flip down. The Carousel is built 1 slide at a time until each image has been displayed in the center.  6 Portrait Images

Carousel Strip of 4 Wide

6 image carousel that displays 5 portraits at a time: 4 thumbnail images and 1 larger central image. The carousel rotates counterclockwise. The 6th portrait thumbnail is located behind the larger central image. 6 Landscape Images

Curve Zoom and Fade Away

The full screen image reduces in size, starts fading, and moves left off-screen. This happens 3 times. 4 Landscape Images

View Column Image Pro

A column of thumbnail images are displayed in a larger window to the right, one at a time from top to bottom. 8 Landscape Images


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