Carousels III Bundle For Producer v4+

6 Different Effects

  $ 6.75 USD

Carousel 3 Landscape Full

The carousel rotates from left to right. The large central image becomes the right side thumbnail, the left side thumbnail becomes the large central image and the far right thumbnail becomes the far left thumbnail. 3 Landscape Images

Carousel 3 Landscape Simple

This carousel is used to extend Carousel 3 Landscape Full or to create an carousel of indefinite length. The far right thumbnail changes to the extended image while rotating and changing size to become the large central image. 4 Landscape Images

Carousel 3 Portrait Reflect Full

The carousel has a large image located in the screen center and two thumbnails to the left side. The thumbnails have a refection. The lower image moves right and re-sizes to become the larger display image. The larger center image reduces in size to become the top thumbnail. The top thumbnail moves to the lower thumbnail. 3 Portrait Images

Carousel 3 Portrait Reflect Simple

The initially displayed full screen image rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise. The next full screen image rotates with and against the side of the initial image until it is completely onscreen and the other is fully off-screen. 4 Portrait Images

Dual Carousel 3 Portraits Full

This carousel is composed of two 3-Image carousels located side-by-side, the thumbnail images on the outside, the main images in the center. The left carousel rotates counterclockwise, the right clockwise. The lower thumbnail becomes the larger image upon rotation. 6 Portrait Images

Dual Carousel 3 Portraits Simple

Extends Dual Carousel 3 Portraits Full by 1 image for each of the contained carousels. As the lower thumbnail moves to become the larger inner image, it fades into the next (extended) image. 8 Portrait Images


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