Carousels V Bundle For Producer v5+

4 Different Effects, 8 Styles (Any Aspect)

  $8.99 USD

3 Image FlipRight

Mixed aspect 3 Image carousel. Images flip Horizontally, stopping at screen center. Images at center position may be resized as desired to change size on-the-fly during rotation. 3 Landscape Images.

3 Image FlipRight+

Extends 3 Image FlipRight by 1 Image. 1 Rotation. Has the same features as 3 Image FlipRight.

3 Image FlipStay

Mixed aspect 3 Image carousel. Images flip Horizontally, in place, to reveal the next image.  Center Images may be resized as necessary.

5 (co)Talls
5 (co)Talls+

An extensible 5 Portrait Carousel with 5 Co-Portraits.  Co-Portraits need not be displayed. When visible, Co-Portraits display on top of the carousel images queue. Otherwise, the Carousel images queue is displayed. The images & captions positions on-screen are reversible. Designed for 2:3 and/or 3:4 image aspects for both Carousel and Co-Portraits. 2 Captions (title and secondary) per image set (Carousel Image plus Co-Portrait) are available. Disable those captions you do not need.

Excellent for Graduation, Memorial, Retirement, and Birthday shows where dual images of people and things are often used.

5 (co)Talls+ Extends the carousel by 1 image per slide.

Lazy Susan 2

This unique 4 Image carousel displays 1 image per rotation. Rotation direction is reversible. Tilt may be turned off (to look like the appear like the original Lazy Susan carousel rotation). May be used in Producer v4+ (tilt is ignored).  Mix Landscape with Portrait Oriented Images. Image display order is unaffected by rotation direction.

Lazy Susan 2 +3

Extends the Lazy Susan 2 by 3 images. All of the same features as Lazy Susan 2.

Lazy Susan 2 +1

Extends Lazy Susan 2 or Lazy Susan 2 Add by 1 image. Single rotation. Same features as Lazy Susan 2

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