Cube Turns Bundle For Producer v5+

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Cube Turn 1 v1

Cube Turn 1 v2

Cube Turn 1 v3

Cube Turn 1 v2 Pause

Cube Turn 1 v3 Pause

Cube Turn 2 v1

Cube Turn 2 v2

Cube Turn 2 v3

Cubes Turn v1

Cubes Turn v2

The initial slide retreats into the screen over a background of copies of itself. It rotates as if part of a cube with the next cube face being the next slide. Then, the cube face resizes to fill the screen. Depending on the effect, the cube turns 1 or 2 time. In the case of “Cubes,” there are 5 cubes on the screen. The smaller cubes turn twice for 1 turn of the large cube. The type of background and the manner in which the cube face becomes full screen vary with each effect.

10 Effects