Images Hang Line – A Set of Variable Length Clothesline Carousels for Producer v5+

  $5.50 USD

Images Hang Line 1’s

Images Hang Line 2’s

Images Hang Line 3’s

Images Hang Line 1’s V2

Images Hang Line 2’s V2

Images Hang Line 3’s V2

16:9 Aspect Shows

Graphics Provided:

10 Hang Line cords

17 Image Hangers

 - 10 Short Hangers

 - 7 Tall Hangers

2 image Horizontal Carousel. Add 1 image at at time in Subsequent Slides.

2 to 8 image Horizontal Carousel. Add 1 to 6 images at a time in Subsequent Slides

3 to 8 Image Horizontal Carousel. Add 1 to 5 images at at time in Subsequent Slides

V2 is the same as the previous version except that the Hanging Image is not constrained by a “Polaroid” type of frame. Each image has a small frame along it’s outside edges. The images are also slightly larger than those in the initial version.

• 1’s displays 1 full image per screen; • 2’s displays 2 full images per screen; • 3’s displays 3 full images per screen

Features: 1) Each Carousel is infinitely extensible. 2) Add rotation, tilt-horizontal, and/or tilt-vertical to each image. 3) Add a caption to each image. 4) User changeable Hang Lines, Image Holders, and Background. 5) Images Travel direction is to the left or the right. 6) 10 different Clothes Lines (Hang Lines) Included. 7) 17 different Image Hangers are included: 10 short image hangers hang the images from the clothesline. The 7 tall image hangers make the images appear to hang from something off-screen. 8) Turn the Hang Line turned off if not needed.

Acceptable image ratios: Portrait and Landscape Orientations. Any Aspect. Change image size and position.

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These effect’s flexibility is considerable and unprecedented to any other Clothesline Effect:

This effect was inspired by Photodex’s Picture Line Style from their StylePack Volume 1. Non-extensible, fixed hangers and cord, fixed background, it is provided in a 5 image and a 10 image version for use in Producer and Gold.

Images Hang Line is a Producer only effect that provides a user-definable carousel length, user selectable background, user changeable cords (or “hang lines”) and image hangers.

Image Hang Line Version 1

Image Hang Line Version 2