Kaleidoscope Bundle For Producer v4+

9 Different Effects

  $8.00 USD


Kaleidoscope 4A – 4D Tiles

Kaleidoscope 4E – 4H Tiles

Kaleidoscope 9A – 9B  Tiles

Kaleidoscope 16A – 16B Tiles

Kaleidoscope 25 Tiles

The number in each style title is effectively the number of tiles used to create the effect.  The “A” through “H” for the associated styles indicate a variation on the effect. Each variation, however, is a distinctly different.

4A4D effects are created with 4 tiles. 4E4H effects are created with 6 tiles.

9A effects are created with 9 tiles. 9B effects are created with 12 tiles. 16A–16B effects are created with 16 tiles. 25 effects are created using 25 tiles.

Acceptable image ratios: Portrait or Landscape Orientations. Any Aspect.

Features: The user positions the image relative to a representative tile at a zoom setting and desired selected time. Additional keyframes are added as desired to create the kaleidoscope effect.

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The 1st demonstration (left) is simply the kaleidoscope effect. The PrismTiles transitions are used between a few of the slides. The effect can be dramatic.

The 2nd demonstration (right) shows a few examples of the Kaleidoscope effect being used as a background for foreground images.