Miscellaneous 4 Bundle For Producer v5+

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• 14 Variations

8 Variations bring next slide into view. 6 Variations (“Bye” is in the title) move the current slide away.

The FauxTower is a reference to the way the slide looks as it moves onto or off of the screen. The tower is composed of segments, one atop the other with the segment sizes increasing from top to bottom. When not moving, the tower is viewed from the top and the distance between the segments is not apparent.

Panel Roll

A Panel comes onto the screen and then rolls around the corners of the panel it drops at screen center. As it rolls around the center panel, it drops panels at the corners and sides of the center panel to create the next slide. Once the next slide is completely formed, it resizes to fill the sceen.

Panel Slides

• 3 Variations

3 Variations. A panel slides around the screen at an angle, dropping panels at the rotated angle as it goes. The next slide is complete when all 3 rows of panels have been dropped. The slide then rotates and resizes until it fills the screen.

Tilt n’Slide

• 4 Variations

4 Variations. 2 Variations tilt the whole screen in one direction. 2 Variations tilt the screen at the center in opposite directions.

In each case, vertical panels of the current screen move left or right to create the next slide. When the next slide has been created it tilts back to fill the screen.

4 Different Effects, 22 Transitions