Pages Bundle For ProShow Producer v5+

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20 Different Transitions

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Turn In/Out (8)

Swing (8)

Page Curl (4)


PgTurn Left TurnOut

PgTurn Right TurnOut

PgTurn Top TurnOut

PgTurn Bottom TurnOut

PgTurn Left TurnIn

PgTurn Right TurnIn

PgTurn Top TurnIn

PgTurn Bottom TurnIn

PgSwing RightCW

PgSwing RightCCW

PgSwing LeftCW

PgSwing LeftCCW

PgSwing TopCW

PgSwing TopCCW

Pg Swing BottomCW

PgSwing BottomCCW


PageCurl_VtCenter B


PageCurl_HzCenter B

B = Blank or Plain back on Page Curl

CW = Clockwise

CCW = CounterClockwise

The Page Turn (PgTurn) slide transitions turn the page/slide using ProShow's Tilt feature. The pages turn by using one of the screen's sides as the base (left/right/top/bottom). A “TurnIn” has the page rotating INTO the screen whereas a “TurnOut” rotates OUT OF the screen.

The Page Curl effect splits the page/slide in half horizontally or vertically. Each side of the curl then moves to the far side to reveal the next page/slide. There are two versions: one has a reversed copy of the original page and the other is a blank/plain white backing.