The transitions use slide content to create a kaleidoscope-like effect. Extremely interesting effects are possible even with simple slides.

The slide styles work on single image slides to help the transitions with their effect.

The transitions are used somewhat like a slide in that the focus is on the transition, not the slide … that is, the transitions are designed to last 7seconds or longer.

PrismTiles Bundle For Producer v4.5+

8 Different Effects (2 Styles, 8 Transitions)

  $14.45 USD

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PrismTiles 09 (Style)

PrismTiles Fade to 09-to 01

PrismTiles 09 to 01

PrismTiles 09 to 25 to 01

PrismTiles ToFrom 09

PrismTiles 25 (Style)

PrismTiles Fade to 25-to 01

PrismTiles 025 to 01

PrismTiles 25 to 09 to 01

PrismTiles ToFrom 25

09 PrismTiles – $7.75

25 PrismTiles – $7.75