Rotates Bundle For Producer v4.5+

16 Different Effects

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Rotate  InOut BL

Rotate  InOut BR

Rotate  InOut LB

Rotate  InOut LT

Rotate InOut RB

Rotate InOut RT

Rotate InOut TL

Rotate InOut TR

Rotate Together LLCCW

Rotate Together LLCW

Rotate Together LRCCW

Rotate Together LRCW

Rotate Together ULCCW

Rotate Together ULCW

Rotate Together URCCW

Rotate Together URCW

The Current slide rotates off-screen while the next slide rotates onscreen. Both slides rotate with one of the its sides directly against the other. There are 16 rotation variations.


BL = Bottom to Left

LB = Left to Bottom,

RB = Right to Bottom

TL = Top to Left

LL = Lower Left

UL = Upper Left

CW = Clockwise

BR = Bottom to Right

LT =  Left to Top

RT = Right to Top

TR = Top to Right

LR = Lower Right

UR = Upper Right

CCW = CounterClockwise