Rotates 2 Styles For Producer v4+

7 Different Effects

  $8.00 USD


Triple-Wide Rotates – $3.00

All are a 3-Image Carousel-Like Effect. Mix Portrait-oriented images with Landscape-Oriented images. Triple-Tall and 3 Portrait Swap are portrait-oriented effects while Triple-Wide is a landscape-oriented effect. 3 Landscape or Portrait Images

Acceptable image ratios are anything less than or equal to 1.778:1 (or 16:9).

Features: Choose any image zoom setting and reposition it. Add keyframes to control the image’s zoom and pan (which may occur during position changes and/or during rotation). Change rotation direction as desired: Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise, No Rotation (Triple-Tall, Triple-Wide) or Counter-Rotation (3 Portrait Swap)

Triple-Tall Rotates – $3.00

3 Portrait Swap – $3.00

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