Various 1 Bundle For Producer v4+

6 Different Effects

   $8.80 USD


3 Windows to 2 Portraits

A landscape image next to 2 Portraits, one atop the other. The portraits rotate over the landscape to become side-by-side. 1 Landscape / 2 Portrait Images

Drop Pieces Portrait

A portrait falls to pieces and reveals the next image. 2 Portrait Images

Expanding Frame

A portrait image expands to become a Landscape Image. 1 Landscape / 1 Portrait Images

Image Zoom to 2 Portraits

The landscape image starts zooming out as the portrait border and shadow regions appear. Then, the portrait images appear within the borders. 1 Landscape / 1 Portrait Images

Portraits From Within

Two Portraits Rotate vertically to appear on the screen as the Initial full screen landscape image fades away. 1 Landscape / 2 Portrait Images

To 3 Windows

After the initial image displays, parts of it move away to reveal three images: 1 landscape and two small portrait images (one atop the other). 2 Landscape / 2 Portrait Images

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