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I started using Proshow Gold in May 2006. Two weeks later I upgraded to ProShow Producer to gain access to the advanced capabilities and have never looked back. The first show I created was a memorial for my fiance's mother. I've been creating various shows ever since.

I had requests for some of the effects I put into my shows as well as questions as to how I created them. I offer explanations and created tutorials to help people learn how to do effects for themselves. You can find these on the ProshowEnthusiasts Forum.

Some of these effects are a bit complicated to create and can take quite some time to develop. The more complicated styles can take days while the simpler ones in just a few 10s of minutes.

When Photodex came out with the capability to use and create styles, I added this Styles section to this website. I hope you find my styles both useful and interesting. I was honored to be asked by Photodex to provide some of my tips on using Producer. These tips were provided in the Secrets of ProShow Experts (The Official Guide to Creating your best slide shows with Proshow Gold and Producer). As one of the 10 experts selected from an international pool of potential users, I was surprised!

This is an excellent source for great tips on creating excellent slideshows. It certainly reduces the learning curve from just creating a slideshow to creating a very good slideshow. Creating slideshows is easy. The chance of the slideshow being viewed more than once or not boring after the first few minutes is significantly improved by using the tips in this book. Lots of good information for many levels of users. Find the book here too: Safari Books or Amazon.com

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