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Bat Mitzvah, Ciccarelli: 1st Rough Draft,  1st Final Draft

There is a very rough draft and a 1st final Draft.

Rough Draft. Backgrounds for some slides are missing, there is little timing involved between music and images, outlines/shadows/etc are also missing, among other things. What is of interest is if this is in the direction you’d like and if the overall structure of the show is fine or needs a redirect.

There is a little notation in the upper right that identifies the slide number. Changes should refer to the slide number … and then what image or set of images.

FINAL DRAFT. This is a first final draft. It is essentially done and only needs minor tweaks, if any.

Give me a call at 303.885.2529 or drop me a line at Dale@FenimorePhotoVideos.com with your impressions.

NOTE: it might take a little while before the show starts to play (the faster your connection the better!). Be patient (it’s a large file).  IE9 downloads it before it’ll play (so it’ll take a long time). Firefox, Chrome, and Opera will stream it so you can view it more quickly.

Note this is NOT in the website navigation. You need to use http:fenimorephotovideos.con/Nikki to get to it.